Summaries/Links to Publications

This page provides links to publications I’ve written about mixed methods. It includes some one-page summaries of articles that have been published or are in-press.

  1. (Fall 2017 publication anticipated.). Creamer, E. G. & Edwards*, C. D. (in-press). Paradigms in play: Using case studies to explore the value-added of divergent findings in mixed methods research. International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches. One-page abstract. Initiation Paper – One page abstract 3-5-17 copy 
  2. (Fall 2017 publication anticipated). Creamer, E. G., Museaus, P., & Edwards, C. D. (in-press). Extending the use of references to the literature: Lessons from a content analysis of mixed method case exemplars. International Journal of Educational Research. (Link to a Narrated Power Point Summary) Creamer (2017) Extending References to the Literature

3. (Spring 2018 publication anticipated). Creamer, E. G. (in-press). Expanding the conceptualization of mixed method grounded theory using evaluation research. (one page abstract)FIMM-GT Abstract 8-3-17