Mixed Methods Workshops


Using Mixed Methods to Develop a Grounded Theory from Evaluation Data: Skill Building Workshop at the American Evaluation Association Meeting in Washington, DC. Wednesday, November 8, 2017. 4:30-6:00 PM.

Research involving evaluations and interventions that use random control clinical trials is a subset of the wider body of empirical research using grounded theory methods that is well adapted to a mixed methods approach (Creamer, 2018). A systematic approach to MM-GT can generate a substantive explanation for the failure of quantitative methods to support the effectiveness of the activity in producing the targeted outcomes. It can also provide valuable insight about how the intervention might be refined in future iterations. Using two examples from this literature, this hands-on workshop provides participants with the tools to develop a theoretical framework from quantitative and qualitative evaluation data.


Designing a Study to Promote Substantive Integration of Qualitative and Quantitative Data and Analytical Procedures. JMMIRA, Osaka, Japan. August 4, 2017. BI-LINGUAL SLIDES. bilingual_Creamer_Osaka17_Formatted


Innovative Approaches to Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Data in a Mixed Methods Study. University of Vienna, Vienna Austria. May 29, 2017

Creative Strategies for Mixing Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches in Mixed Methods Research. With Cherie Edwards. Pre-conference workshop. American Educational Research Association. San Antonio, Texas. April 27, 2017.