MMIRA 2017 Conferences

The Mixed Methods International Research Association (MMIRA) has affiliates offering conferences all over the globe in 2017. International locations include South Africa, Japan, and Malaysia. The official MMIRA international conference will be held in the lovely city of Vienna in August 2017.

Check out this map showing the location of MMIRA affiliated conferences in 2017.

Mixed Methods_Presentations

3 thoughts on “MMIRA 2017 Conferences

  1. Sinem Toraman

    Dear Dr. Creamer, will the MMIRA international conference be held in Vienna in August 2017 or 2018? I couldn’t find any information on the website.
    Kind regards


    1. EGCreamer Post author

      It is in Auugust 2018. Approx 22-25 or something like that. I will alert people to get the info on the MMIRA webpage. Many many pre conferences with all the luminaries. Maybe 17 if I recall.



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