As an academic with wide-ranging interests, I have this eccentric idea that there is enough enthusiasm about mixed methods research in our world today that people will be interested to read little snippets from the popular media about the ways the approach is being used to study a range of unusual and sometimes quirky topics.

This amateur blog is mostly about how a mixed method way of thinking permeates the way research is presented in popular media. Topics address questions like:

  • What groups of people across the world live the longest and where do they live? (Blue Zones story)
  • How were the bones of Richard the II discovered after centuries in an unmarked grave?
  • How can computers help autistic children develop social skills?
  • Why is important to social order that we display embarrassment when we have made social gafe?

My approach is playful. It is motivated by an interest in making academic science more readily accessible. The examples I provide are rarely dressed in the language that we have come to expect of mixed methods research. Consider me an ambassador for communicating to a wide audience about mixed methods research.

Send questions and ideas to Elizabeth@mixedmethodsinthenews.com